Amazon Grocery’s, WHAT?


A company that sells products from a-z. Have you ever noticed the arrow in Amazons logo, subtle but genius? Delivering, creating, innovating, Amazon is everywhere and anywhere and has been at the very forefront of online shopping for over a decade.

Competing with big box stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc Amazon looks to diversify the completion by moving into a different type of big box store, one that might include some fruits and veggies. The company has officially acquired Whole Foods as a subsidiary company. This isn’t the first we have heard of Amazon in the food market, as a proposed marketing video was released about a year ago showing some of the different qualities it would bring to the market. We have to now wonder what Amazon is going to do with their most recent purchase? It most certainly opens the doors to what could change the way we buy our food for the forcible future.

Already attempting to implement themselves in the market, Kiosks of some of their popular products are being placed in Whole Foods stores around the country. With one of their newer products being the Amazon Echo, an artificially intelligent product that can control your home by saying the word “Alexa” followed by a command. Can now be thrown in your weekly shopping basket along with your carrots and frozen pizza. This is just the begging for further business growth for the company, so if you don’t already consider Amazon a household name, think about it.

Follow the link bellow to a video created by the business insider looking further into Amazon and Whole Foods.




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