Form doesent stand a chance at following funtion in 2018!

Within the first ten minutes of being out in the real world each day, it’s safe to say I’ve seen at least five bright, buzzing, 4-inch aluminium boxes, grasped in the hands of people just like myself. With the rise of smartphones taking place over nearly the past decade, almost anyone has the ability to easily and intuitively use different pieces of technology thrown there way.

After analysing the term “form follows function” it is interesting to apply this theory to the technology (smartphones) we have been presented within this day and age. The Apple iPhone is a perfect example of how the thought form follows function ceases to exist in this field anymore.


When the iPhone was introduced, people of the masses were immediately attracted to picking up and learning about this new hot tech. This, in my opinion, was the beginning of the revolutionary digital age that we are in today. At the time, the functions the phone could perform were the same as other devices in the home but bundled up into one beautifully crafted piece of technology.

We as a society have adapted to the intuitiveness of the iPhone and doing things the old-fashioned way is becoming second nature to us. But why would we? It’s easy, anyone even your 94-year-old grandmother is able to make her daily phone calls by the tap of a screen.

Because these functions are so common nowadays, companies must look to innovate and primarily focus on creating new forms with appealing functions that will inevitably seek to better the lives of the smartphone holders. Each year Apple releases a new iPhone that always succeeds its predecessor, as consumers want bigger, thinner, faster, so the company is seeking to change the look of their products to appeal to their mass demographics each year.

“Form follows function” is a term that needs to be left in the past, as time changes people will always want more and have better things. It’s like the toys you always wanted as a kid (mine was of course as many G-I joes as I could get my hands on) you would fantasize about having the toy and when you finally got it how long did the high of having it last? We have been inadvertently conditioned into always wanting more which is why we focus on the form of the toys (iPhone) rather than their well-known functionality.




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