On your marks, get ready, set, Go!


It’s 11:36pm on a Wednesday night in 2018, and here I am sitting in my residence dorm room with the task of writing a blog post. If you had told me this is where I would be, and what id be doing a year ago today, I wouldn’t believe you for a second.

I wouldn’t say I’m much of a creative writer, but being a student at St. Lawrence in Advertising and Marketing has presented me with this opportunity to use my mind and fingers to get thoughts and opinions into words. It can definitely be daunting at first, but with a little trial and error, great creative pieces of work can be formed. Here are some of my own tips to get your blog on the way.

Your Title

So to kick things off your going to require a title of some sorts. The title should be in relation to the materials you are going to cover in your blog. A title can be the key factor in someone’s decision in reading your blog over another one. People are intrigued by things that make them think, so having a title that entices your reader will put you a step above the rest without even writing your first word. Some things to consider when coming up with a title include:

  • Short and to the point
  • Relevant and connected with blogs theme
  • Catchy

“Without a headline or post title that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist”

Body Paragraphs 

The body of your blog will include the key information you are trying to convey to your reader. This should be the meat of the article so make sure to make it interesting for your reader. The format of these paragraphs should be no longer than five lines each. Be sure to consider the following points when creating the body paragraphs of your blog:

  • All thoughts and opinions are presented
  • Concise
  • Keep points interesting

The Photo

A photo gives you the chance to give your blog that extra element that can boost it from an 8 to a 10. It can convey the message your blog post seeks to find easily for the reader.  choosing the correct photo can be tricky so make sure to evaluate your options thoroughly and choose one that will direct the tone of your blog. Consider the following points when adding an image to the article:

  • Good placement, connecting with the words following
  • Can envoke some emotional connection
  • Insert high-quality photos only


Blogging in this industry is key for influencers, by having a platform to present their honest opinions and views on any topic you can think of. To ensure the success of your blog be sure to follow these factors in helping create masterpieces to come. As I continue to enter the blogging world, this blog will be updated with fun and interesting posts to come.

If you need some more help getting started with your blog follow this link to an article that will help you in crafting your blog









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