Being Lost In The Right Direction


Well, what can I say? This year has been nothing short of amazing. My first year of post-secondary education is now complete and is all in thanks to St. Lawrence College, and my wonderful industry-leading faculty. I have learned to grow in numerous skill traits that will be more than useful for my career ahead. One of these key skills has included how to run and create a freelance style blog.

The way my Advertising and Marketing program is laid out is that in each class we are assigned to write one blog post related to its course content. This has been a great way to branch out and speak on topics that you may be less comfortable or unfamiliar with.

Blogging was very new to me at the start, and I can still say it is. But it is a great way to voice the inner thoughts that we have, with an open platform to do so. It has been enjoyable to see my overall writing skills improve over the duration of this year. I am a writing overthinker, to say the least. I have a lot of ideas but don’t always know the best way to get them on the page. This is how I came to understand the benefits of blogging, as it encourages expressing opinions.

If I have learned one thing that will assist my writing in the future, it is that you have to go with your gut and don’t look back. Similar to what they say about multiple choice questions on tests, the first answer you think is correct is usually the right one. Think it then write it, and if you believe that philosophy and feed off your instincts, amazing pieces can be formed.

My adventure in this industry has just begun and I can’t wait to watch it unfold into something I have a true underlying passion for. And by becoming more well rounded in different areas I will be ready for when my calling comes. I am unsure where and if I will continue to blog, but I deeply value the expression of thought and will look to continue diversifying my blogging abilities with the foundational skills I have learned.









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