Managing “Time” During Stressful Time’s

Time Management Concept

Do you ever feel as if you have a million and one things to do on a daily basis, but fail to accomplish everything you want?

This is me just about all of the time, as I get distracted quite easily and find myself wavering off from the necessary things that I need to complete. This year I have found myself within the second year of my Advertising and Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence college and it has been a ride and that is, to say the least. With multiple course and many assignments, it is easy to lose track of time and not always be putting your best foot forward. But that doesn’t mean there are no solutions to making things a little easier for yourself. By instilling some easy tactics that help with time management tasks, assignments, and all of lifes duties can be taken on if they are looked at with a solid game plan.

Here I am going to lay out some tricks that I have for managing time and making the days a little easier to handle.

1.) Try to avoid excessive procrastination:

If I had a different middle name it would probably be “Procrastination” this one thing that over the years I have struggled with in leaving things until the last minute and not creating enough time for myself to complete the things that I want to do. There are multiple ways that this can be avoided but there is one that I have found works best for me, and its pretty simple, Write things down. When waking up I believe it’s so important for us to write out the things we need to accomplish that day. With this its way more difficult to procrastinate as you are holding yourself directly accountable for not doing something you said you would. When first hearing this tactic I didn’t think it would work for me, but it has made the days go by smoother and doesn’t allow me to go to bed thinking that I could have done more. A good solution to this is a website by the name of “Trello“, this website allows you to make cards that fill in your tasks and can be a mindmap for your day to day

2.) Organize your life

Have you ever heard the saying that if you have a clean room and your bed is made in the morning that will dictate how your day will be? This is something that I believe couldn’t be truer. It is one of the easiest tasks you may ever take on, and if you don’t believe you can do even this as one of the simplest things how can you seek to achieve anything else. Clean your room and the days will go by clearer because coming home after a long day to see a mess and a pile of clothes doesn’t help your mind and will end up stressing you out more than you ever thought.

3.) If you can’t handle the distraction, put the phone down.

One of the largest contributors to everyday distraction comes from the little bright thing that buzzes about every 5 minutes in our pockets. As its such a social normality these days people don’t think about how much they really put us five steps in the wrong direction. Put the phone down, and accomplish the things you need to do. Work doesn’t get done unless you put your energy into doing it. Help yourself accomplish your goals and don’t let this simple distraction take you away from that, it can wait.

These are just a few tips that I have found helped me throughout this year, and I will continue to try and instill throughout my everyday life to help better my lifestyle and accomplish the things I want to Achieve. I hope they help you to.



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