Marketing to Millenials in 2019

Surfing the net in the city

In order for businesses to thrive in marketing themselves in 2019, it is necessary that brands understand how to market to a generation that by 2025 will have taken over nearly 75% of the world’s workforce, and makes up 27.5 of the Canadian population which are non-other than millennials.

While still portraying similar values and traits of past generations, this segment of the market revolves around intense digitally and socially connected individuals, that have made it reshape how marketers think in getting consumers to connect with brands. We are in an age where online marketing has become crucial for a company to succeed, by being able to directly resonate themselves within consumers lives. Online media and content marketing are what works for this demographic, while print media is still relevant it doesn’t always formulate the same connection that millennials want to see before making a purchase decision.

The scrolls, swipes, and constant interaction with smartphones has made it challenging for current day marketers to hold the attention of these generations consumers. With such a content driven market, it is a game of maintaining focus, companies must put effort into sparking immediate engagement with their customer as millennials are much more selective with the content they consume. So how can companies excel with this distinct generation?

Within today’s society, marketers are forced to part with old strategic marketing tactics the worked well with older generations such as baby boomers and Gen X. In the past where you could come up with a marketing campaign that would appeal to the mass, audiences don’t quite work anymore. Millennials are individuals who need to feel unique, have a strong need for recognition, and want to fit in with trends that reflect the things they represent. Online digital content marketing is where companies need to look to take advantage of this generation. By being able to tell a story through video, photos, and other digital content rather than telling them to buy will be able to evoke the emotion needed to make a purchase. Brands have to exemplify the experience their product or service can offer millennials, and actually work towards making them care about it rather than solely filling a need or want.

There are three top brands that in my opinion, believe to do an excellent job in today’s market through marketing efforts to attract millennials and by disrupting the market, the first being Apple. This company uses the experiential marketing tactic like no other. Its focus is immensely targeted around making someone feel as if they are what they see in an ad or who they would be if they had that product. Iphone’s alone are a spectacle like non-other and make one feel as if they are a part of a group or belong to some special club, and this done throughout their marketing, by telling a story.

Another company that has excelled with marketing to millennials is uber. Online shopping was one of the first ways people could add convenience to their lives digitally, but being able to interact with something online and it shows up within minutes screams millennial. Uber is successful because it is simple, convenient, and has developed into a brand with high customer loyalty over time. Their marketing strategy is easy and builds into how easy it is to find a ride and pay for it through an application.

The final company is the online retailer Amazon. This leading online market revolves around remarketing and grabbing the attention of millennials to work towards buying a product. If you are looking to buy something online Amazon is usually first to appear. The business doesn’t need to directly market what it does because that has already been established but rather markets personalized products to the consumers which have revolutionized the tailored shopping experience.


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